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Studies from around the world have shown that there is an urgent need for education and training of academics, scientists and clinicians in......read more.

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The past century and the new one

Students and professionals in all disciplines may be excused for feeling that their colleges, universities and institutions require them to learn......read more.

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Independent London-based organisation

Halbert Education & Training is an independent London-based organisation committed to providing a high quality fully online courses in the......read more.

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Approved by P.I.E. - 20 CPDs

Halbert Education & Training is pleased to offer a series of short online courses related to the integrity and ethics in publication and research,......read more.

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Halbert is an education and training corporation that aims to provide a high quality......read more.


Publication Integrity & Ethics Certification

The Publication Integrity & Ethics (P.I.E.) Certification is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who have special interest......read more.